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A few words about the web site...

This is the personal web site of Dang N Phan.  It is a place to spend my spare time.  I enjoy learning, experimenting with web development.   Although this is
a personal web site, it requires a lot of people contribution behind the scenes.   While it would be impossible for me to list all the people who have contribute to this web site, I do want to thank to all of them.   The contents of these pages are
intended for personal entertainment purposes only.    Any infringement of copyright is unintended.   If there is a problem in that regard, please contact the author of this site by admin@thephan.net

Thank you for visiting thephan.net, no matter who you are or what your reason for being here.  I hope you enjoy your time inside this web site.

Inspired by Jessica Litman:

"The internet has been hailed as the most revolutionary social development since the printing press. In many ways its astonishing growth has outstripped any historical analogy we can unearth. What has fueled much of that growth has been the explosion of new possibilities for connections - among people, among different formerly discrete packages of information, among ideas."